Value Awards

The values system at Heathridge Primary School is at the hub of our working relationships and the whole school is involved in the process.

The School Values Program is based on the Curriculum Framework.

Every Monday the whole school meets at an assembly where a values certificate is handed out to one child from each class.

Under the headings Pursuit of Knowledge and Commitment to Achievement of Potential, Self Acceptance and Respect of Self, Respect and Concern for Others and Social and Civic Responsibility, we have developed student friendly statements so that children are aware of goals that can be achieved.

When a child has received four values certificates, they are awarded with a Bronze Badge.  After receiving five more certificates, children are then awarded a Silver Badge.  After receiving an additional six values certificates, a child is awarded a Gold Values Badge.

The badges are awarded at our whole school assembly and community assembly which is held on Thursdays - check Term Planner.  At each assembly, the children recite our School Creed.  This gives the children a sense of belonging.  Children who have earned badges are featured together at the end of each term in our newsletter.

Our school symbol is a seagull, which can fly high and see far.  We have placed bird names around the school to help children to become familiar with values terminology such as Eagle for Effort, Rosella for Respect, Cormorant for Caring, Magpie for Motivation, Tern for Teamwork, Ibis for Initiative, Honeyeater for Honesty, Pelican for Pride, Lorikeet for Leadership, Currawong for Cooperation and Albatross for Achievement.