Special Events




Some of our Year 4-6 students participated in the Joondalup Festival Lantern Parade. Mrs Zis, Mrs Dimanuel and Mrs Jeffs accompanied them around the course and were so impressed with their lanterns, their behaviour and their enthusiasm.



By Tom and Declan


Put on your sunscreen and your hat because we’re heading to the Interschool Carnival Day article!


This year Heathridge Primary School joined a new interschool association, the Joondalup Learning Community (JLC). We competed against students from Currambine, Edgewater, Joondalup and Springfield Primary Schools.


The interschool was a blast with the first series of events being the running races. Students from Years 1 – 6 ran in sprints from 60m to 100m. After the age races it was time for the Junior Team Games, with Bean Bag Relays for the Year 1 and 2s. The morning session finished with the Grand Relay. The junior students returned to school and it was time for lunch.


After lunch the rest of the Team Games were held – Pass Ball (girls), Football Relay (boys) and Leader Ball (both boys and girls). The carnival finished with the boys and girls year Shuttle Relays.


In conclusion, the Meritorious Shield went to …. Joondalup Primary School and the outright winner of the JLC 2017 Athletics Carnival went to … Currambine Primary School. Heathridge placed 5th overall.





Our Heathridge Kidsmatter Breakfasts occur twice per term on a Wednesday before school. We invite all students and their parents to come and eat a healthy breakfast with us.


We aim to foster-

We teach the year 5 & 6 students basic life-skills how to plan, cook, serve and clean-up.


Students and parents who attend are encouraged to regularly eat a healthy breakfast to help their mood, concentration and learning.

In 2017 we again hope to collect food for our breakfast from charitable sources to help with rising costs and less school funds.