Safety House


What is the Safety House Program?

The Safety House Program offers a place of safety for children when they are away from the security and comfort of their home and school environment.  The Safety House sign on a house letterbox or shop window means that the premises have been thoroughly checked and designated as a safe place.  Children can go to that house or shop if they feel unsafe on their way to and from school.

For parents, the Safety House sign represents reassurance and peace of mind and shows that the local community is helping to keep their area a safe place for children.

The Safety House Program is a positive preventative measure, which successfully provides assistance to children in distress and which acts as an ongoing deterrent to those people seeking to harm children in any way.

The Safety House program also provides personal safety education to primary school children through school shows and publications.  These initiatives provide children with the skills and confidence to better manage their personal safety.

How is the Safety House Program run?

The Safety House Association of Western Australia Inc. manages the Safety House program on state wide basis.  Safety House WA staff work with primary school Parent Associations across the state to establish local Safety House Committees.  These committees involve their local community in setting up, operating and monitoring Safety Houses in their area.  A local Safety House Committee Coordinator runs their local program with advice, support and resources available from Safety House staff.

What do Safety House people do?

The role of the Safety Householder is to assist children in need by offering them help and protection.  In non-emergency situations such as bullying, frightened or lost children, the Safety House person contacts the child's parents whilst offering assistance to the child.  In emergency situations the Safety House person will call the Police and the child's parents whilst offering protection to the child.

How can I become involved in the Safety House Program?

To become involved in the Safety House program you can:

A Safety House is clearly identified by a yellow and black triangular smiling house sign, known as IMA, that is affixed to letterboxes of participating houses.  In some areas, commercial premises or shops may also be Safety Houses in which case the sign is affixed to the front window near the front door or entrance.

When can children use a Safety House?

As the Safety House slogan says; Feeling unsure?  Knock on a Safety House door!

A Safety House can be used by children travelling to and from school whenever they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  Reasons for a child using a Safety House may include:

Who can become a Safety House person?

To have your home become a Safety House, you must be a responsible adult, who:

If you would like to become a Safety Householder please apply through your local Safety House Committee or contact Safety House WA Inc. on (08) 9343 7511 for more information.