Mathematics is a highly valued curriculum area at our school. The integrity of the Numeracy Block is actively promoted through carefully monitoring of timetabling to ensure the mandated time is allocated to maths instruction. We are currently utilising New Wave Fundamentals texts books, weekly worded problem solving worksheets, Oxford Maths online suite of resources, PAT-M annual assessment, Westwood one minute basic facts and NAPLAN. All teachers utilise the gradual release model of teaching. They incorporate explicit teaching with clear learning intentions and success criteria with highly engaging, hands-on and active learning experiences.


Heathridge Primary School is actively developing a comprehensive whole-school Numeracy Plan. All staff members are committed to improving student outcomes in Numeracy by adopting an action research model of reflective practice. Curriculum leaders regularly attend professional development targeting best practice in effective numeracy lesson design, promoting maths-specific vocabulary development as well as developing a whole school approach to problem solving. Most recently, Mathematics curriculum leaders attended a series of workshops targeting whole school improvement in the teaching of Measurement and Geometry. Teachers are regularly guided and supported to work towards targets, identify professional development needs and ensure the continuous and relentless pursuit of improved student outcomes.


Additionally, curriculum leaders continually endeavour to raise the profile of Mathematics within the school and the wider community, including the recent addition of a number of the week, maths- themed “Heathridge Harmony Games” day, and annual Math-a-thon and maths incursions.  Each fortnight there is a Mathematics competition in the newsletter. One of the desired outcomes of this initiative is for students and their families to discuss mathematical problem solving outside of school. Students need to develop a range of strategies to become effective problem solvers and have a meaningful vocabulary with which to do so.