Welcome to Kindy


Hi, my name is Jade Melvin and I am the Kindy teacher for 2017. I am so excited to be part of your child’s first year at school. This year I want your child to learn through hands on, creative, challenging but mostly fun activities.

I have been at Heathridge Primary School for 5 years and have taught in Pre-primary, Year 2, Year 3, therefore I am familiar with most of the children and their siblings that has been wonderful when building rapport. Previous to this I taught in the country, Narrogin and Dumbleyung for 5 years.

In Kindy this year we will be focusing on children
-      Having a strong sense of identity: Your child feels safe and supported in different environments, build their confidence, resiliency and learn to interact appropriately with others.
-      Children are connected with and contribute to their world: Your child develops an understanding of being an active community member, respect difference, being fair and respecting the environment.
-      Children having a strong sense of wellbeing: Your child’s understanding of how to build and maintain friendships, recognise their emotions and regulate them, develop their physical skills and attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.
-      Children are confident and involved learners: Your child will be encouraged and recognised when they express enthusiasm, confidence, persistence and problem solving skills. They will make connections when learning to their previous knowledge and build on this. They will use their imagination to explore new ways of doing things. They will develop their understanding of number, measurement, geometry and probability.
-      Children are effective communicators: Your child will child develop their aural and oral language skills, phonological awareness, questioning skills, ability to comprehend and retell a story, understanding of purpose and, understanding of a range of texts, engage in reading, writing and viewing like behaviours and concepts of print.


Other teachers: Miss Nicki Adams
Education Assistants: Ms Joanne Jackson, Mrs Harriet Wimhurst