Welcome to Chatterbox


Chatterbox Playgroup at Heathridge Primary School

For children aged 0-4 years.


Operates every Wednesday 8.45 am – 10.45 am in the Kindergarten building.


The aim is to develop a community learning centre where parents and staff are involved in providing a range of learning experiences to enhance all children’s development in language and social interaction.

The program enables an easy transition into  Kindergarten and Pre-Primary at Heathridge Primary School.

This program also provides opportunities for early intervention and assistance with regard to child development.

Have fun, meet new people and enjoy the time with your child.


How To Enrol


You are welcome to enrol your child at the school office.

Children intending to enrol at Heathridge Primary School are encouraged to attend the program.

If your child attends the program, we expect that he/she will continue to attend the Heathridge Primary School.