Welcome to Languages at Heathridge Primary School.


Speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process and offers several mental benefits, including improved memory, problem solving and decision making skills. It has also been found to support native language acquisition as students make connections between the languages.

Learning a new language also invites students to explore different cultures and customs, developing an inter-cultural capability in communication and generating a respect for differences and diversity. Students understand that languages will be useful in later life and this provides motivation for the students.

Our French classes are interactive and engaging where students are encouraged to communicate in a safe and fun environment. A task-based approach emphasises communication and the practical uses of language. To facilitate this, we use music/songs, computers, audio-visual and kinesthetic learning to motivate and encourage language acquisition and experiment with the sounds and features of different languages.

We have recently partnered with a French speaking school, Arc en Ciel in Quebec, Canada to commence a pen pal program with our Year three students. We will continue corresponding with our new pen pals on an ongoing basis. We trust this initiative will build relationships, improve language acquisition and writing skills as well as provide opportunities to discuss similarities and differences between our two cultures.