Values play an important part of the curriculum and culture at Heathridge Primary School. We have 12 core values that students strive to demonstrate. Our 12 core values are: respect, integrity, responsibility, resilience, tolerance, good manners, kindness, perseverance, confidence, cooperation, and courage. In classes, each value is targeted over a 2-3 week period and students are specifically acknowledged for demonstrating that value


Every Monday afternoon, the whole school meets at an assembly where the children recite our School Creed, participate in role play activities based around our values, continue to learn Auslan and participate in mindfulness activities. At these assemblies one student from each class will also be awarded a Values Certificate. When a child has received four values certificates, they are awarded with a Bronze Badge.  After receiving five more certificates, children are awarded a Silver Badge.  After receiving an additional six values certificates, a child is awarded a Gold Values Badge. The badges are awarded at our whole school assemblies that are held on Thursdays throughout the term.  When students receive their badges their photo will be displayed on the Heathridge Heroes Wall in the front office of our administration block.

To complement our values rewards, tokens are also given to students who demonstrate all of our core values throughout the school day. Each week, these tokens are collected and placed in a container and two tokens are drawn out with those students receiving a prize and acknowledgement.


Passports to Success

This year all students from Kindy to Year 6 will be given a "HPS Passport to Success".

This initiative is a school wide project for spreading kindness around the world.

How it works:
- Each year level has individual 'random acts of kindness' to complete each week.
- When students complete a task they get a stamp in their passport by a teacher.
- Each week there are different focus areas (yourself, others, school, environment).


This year we are introducing the URSTRONG program across the school.





Why is it improtant?


why does it work?


What does it teach?