At Heathridge Primary School, we are consistent in our approach across the whole school from Kindergarten to Year 6 to give students the best opportunity for success. Evidence-based English programs are followed to teach literacy skills across all year levels.  Evidence shows that students learn best in the morning which is why all classrooms start their day with a Literacy Block. Literacy Blocks are separated into focus areas to ensure all English skills are covered in the set time. Learning blocks are sequential and continuously assessed to ensure students are revising previous skills learnt and applying new knowledge.

In the Early Years (K-3), we use a Synthetic Phonics program called Letters and Sounds. This program is based upon a sequence of sound and word knowledge which connects sound to print in reading and writing. Once this program has been achieved, our senior school follows a Spelling program called Words Their Way, which is based on spelling patterns. The South Australian Spelling Test is used annually to track progress and student achievement.

In 2018 we introduced a whole school approach to writing known as Talk 4 Writing. This program allows students to orally learn texts, innovate stories and expand their writing vocabulary. This program is followed in all years from Kindergarten to Year 6. Brightpath assessments are used to moderate assessments and ensure correct grades are allocated.

Guided Reading is a focus in all classrooms to improve students’ comprehension skills and reading fluency. Small groups allow teachers to target the specific student needs and differentiate lessons. Teachers follow the Oxford Reading Program to assess reading regularly. PAT-R Reading Assessments and the Waddington Reading Assessment are used to track students’ progress and achievements yearly.


NSW Handwriting booklets and English Skills booklets are followed in all classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6. These booklets allow a consistent approach to be applied across the school.