Welcome to Room 13


Welcome to Room 13


Teachers: Mr Bolton


Welcome to Room 13. I have been at Heathridge Primary School since 1984, with a small time out while I took on the role of Deputy Principal in a District High School. Prior to this, I was a Principal of a rural school, where a wealth of experience was gained. I have been an advisory teacher, where I was responsible for implementing the K-10 Social Studies syllabus. I have taught in schools in the Metropolitan, Pilbara and Mid-West regions in both primary and secondary settings. I have taken on the role of Principal and Deputy at Heathridge Primary School on several occasions.

I have instigated and developed the school Values program, the Kidsmatter breakfast program, the school gardening project and established an environmental frog pond area.


My goal for 2017 is to create an inquisitive learning environment where children are there for other. They will be provided with an opportunity to make each other’s day and choose their attitude. The needs and interests will be considered first in all decision making processes. The students will be encouraged to play in harmony with each other.


Education Assistant: Mrs Vickie Strong


Our classroom Educational Assistant is Mrs Vickie Strong. She is well known to the children and school community. She is highly trained in meeting the requirements of children with additional needs.