In the lote area, students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings to communicate effectively in languages other than English.                                                     Curriculum 1998


Italian is the Language Other Than English offered at Heathridge Primary School. All students from years 3 to 6 participate in the LOTE - Italian program each week.


The students are not just learning another language but will also gain an  appreciation into a culture that may not be their own. Our main goal is to develop an interest and enjoyment in the study of languages.




The program aims to:


-  Increase students’ respect and sensitivity towards people of

different cultural backgrounds.

-  Provide opportunities for the children to celebrate the Italian


-  Provide students with knowledge of basic Italian vocabulary

-  Develop students’ confidence in using basic oral language in

everyday situations.

-  Develop simple reading and writing skills.

-  Enhance listening skills as part of oral language development

-  Provide students with the opportunity to use LOTE computer




There will an emphasis on the use of language in everyday situations – greetings, asking questions, giving directions, sharing interests, feelings and describing objects etc.


Students will learn the Italian language and culture through a variety of activities with a strong use of the interactive whiteboard.


Lessons including cooking, listening to stories, poetry, singing

songs, computer and video clips will be used to reinforce language skills, improve confidence and expose children to the Italian culture.