Chaplaincy Program



As a school, we applied for and were successful in obtaining a grant via the State Funded Chaplaincy program 2017-2018.  This funding allows the school to fund a chaplain (Mrs AmandaTilson) two days per week. The program is funded via 50% State Government and 50% Commonwealth funding.   The service provider the Department of Education has an agreement with for our Chaplaincy Program is YouthCARE.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Tilson as she has introduced a number of initiatives and activities that complement our mental health and well-being programs including Harmony Hub, Chaplain Chats, R U OK Day, Harmony Day, and transition to high school.


Every Wednesday, Mrs Tilson opens the library for our Year 3-6 students. During Harmony Hub the students can participate in a variety of activities including playing games, Lego, drawing, colouring-in, chats with the chaplain, reading, origami, paper plane making and much much more.