Our School

Heathridge Primary School is a distinctive school offering a diverse, inclusive and exciting range of learning programs. Our focus on literacy and numeracy is strong. Our students experience success due to high quality teaching and learning using whole-school approaches and evidence-based practice.

In 2018, we commenced the Specialised Learning Program (SLP) for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The SLP is a withdrawal program for up to 25 students with Autism who do not have the competencies at the point of enrolment to participate successfully full-time in mainstream classrooms. As part of this program, we are meeting the individual needs of students with ASD via programs to assist the students to achieve positive academic, behavioural, social and emotional outcomes to enhance the skills required to transition to full-time mainstream enrolment. Due to our success with students with ASD, in 2021 we have created a HPS model of a specialised program. Now as part of the SLP and the HPS model, we have four homerooms that that are coordinated by the Program Coordinator and staffed by specialist teachers and education assistants.

We offer specialist subjects in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Science, HASS and Languages.  We provide our students with the skill and capabilities needed to compete in an ever changing world, with students having regular access to iPads and computers in our computer lab.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to high performance and high care, and on our reputation for inclusivity, strong values, strong pastoral care and community engagement. Our P&C Association and School Board play important roles in our school.

We offer a strong values program underpinned by the core values of integrity, responsibility, resilience, tolerance, good manners, kindness, perseverance, confidence, honesty, cooperation, respect and courage. We hold weekly values assemblies where students are awarded Values Certificates for demonstrating the current value that we are focusing on.

Also on offer our weCARE Breakfasts. All families and students are welcomed to join staff and our Year 6 student leaders for a community breakfast, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, twice a term. We also host Playful Learners, an out of school care and a three-year old program on site. Our school is part of the National Chaplaincy Program run through Youth Care, with a chaplain teaching students resilience and tolerance twice a week.

In 2019, the School Board and staff surveyed our families about the preferred method of communication.  Families were overwhelmingly in favour of communication via  our closed Facebook Group and notice boards. In 2021, we will be looking at replacing our APP as another way of communicating with families.

Further information about the school and our performance can be found at https://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline